Storage Tips & Rules and Regulations

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you begin planning your storage space:
Will you be storing for more than 3 months? If the answer is yes, save some money over time and utilize all of your space. See our suggestions below on how to do this. If you’re short on time it may be worth the extra money to rent a larger space.
Is there anything I will need to access regularly? If you need access to something regularly, put it up front so you won’t need to remove other items to get to it. Label your boxes on all four sides so you can find what you need quickly. Make an inventory list of your stored items and keep it in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box. Consider providing walkways for quick access to multiple rows of property.
Using your Space Efficiently:
  • Overall: Remember to look at the space before you bring a load. Use all parts of the space including the height. Stack carefully so you don’t have to worry about items falling down.
  • Use the same size boxes when possible. This will allow you to stack evenly. Use boards over boxes to create shelves.
  • Fill all boxes completely. Use towels and linens to wrap breakables within boxes.
  • Use a refrigerator or dresser to store your items. Anything that seems like it will hold your items can be used like a box. Just remember to wrap and protect everything so nothing gets damaged while moving.
  • Breakdown any furniture. A kitchen table with legs removed takes up a lot less space. Stack chairs on top of dressers. Sofas and love seats can be stored on end to save floor space.
  • Mattresses that are stored on their side should be propped so they stand up straight. Otherwise they may tend to bend out of shape and become lumpy.
Using Storage Minimally:
  • Rather than increase your space size un-necessarily; decide if there is something you can remove to replace what you are bringing in. Organizers stress the importance of the “one in / one out” rule. We can always give you information on downsizing when you’re ready.
Year round storage for the decorators:
  • Holiday decorations can be stored by color code so they are easy to find.  Use red/green totes for Christmas. Use orange/black totes for fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Blue totes can be used for summer holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and July 4th (NO FIREWORKS, See safety and security). Green totes can be used for spring holidays like Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Easter.
  • Use your cardboard recycling to store your garlands and lights. Notch the ends and wrap. The notches will hold it in place so they won’t tangle.
  • Remember the “one in / one out” rule. Don’t store any broken decorations. When you put a new decoration in, take an old, broken, or worn one out.
Year round storage for the outdoor folks:
  • Organize your camping gear by how/where you use it. Label sacks when possible. Use backpacks to store camping items. Use coolers to store tarps or fishing gear (make sure they are dry when you put them in, and keep the cooler open to avoid mold.) Remember you can store canned goods but not dried foods. Use your bear containers to store things too!
  • Store your ATV’s, Motorcycles, Jet Skis, and Cars safely. The gas tank should not be completely empty or completely full. Provide registration and insurance to a Rainbow Self Storage office to avoid being asked to remove them.
  • Kayaks can be stored in a smaller unit by using a storage unit with a higher ceiling. Our Indianola Property boasts 10′ tall ceilings. We even have a few units that are 15′ tall and more.
RULES AND REGULATIONS:  RSS is the abbreviation for Rainbow Self Storage

1. General Information:
A. Rainbow Self Storage facilities are not open to the general public. Access to our facilities is limited to Rainbow Self Storage invitees and Rainbow Self Storage tenants, within the scope of their signed rental agreements. In order to protect the privacy of our tenants, employees, and invitees, all audio recordings, photography, and videography of any kind are PROHIBITED on all Rainbow Self Storage properties.
B. Advertised Storage Space sizes are approximate and for comparison purposes only. Storage Spaces may be smaller or larger than   advertised. Storage Spaces are not rented by the square foot and rent is not based on square-foot measurements.
  C. RSS does not assume any liability whatsoever for the goods you store. Adding stored goods to your existing insurance policy is generally quite inexpensive. RSS also suggests that you take notice of the insurance brochure given to you in your rental packet.
D. Please keep RSS updated of any name, address and/or phone number changes. Until RSS is notified, in writing with the Occupant’s signature, RSS will only use the most recent information given to us by Occupant.

2. Payment Information:
RSS will not send an invoice. A payment slot at each office location has been provided for your convenience.  You may also want to take advantage of Auto Pay, paying on the RSS website, or at one of our Kiosks (located at all office sites). Ask management for details. Of course you can always mail and/or drop off a payment at any one of our office locations.

3. On Site Restrictions:
Smoking is not allowed on any RSS properties.
     B. The speed limit on any RSS property is 5mph.
     C. Gate hours are from seven (7:00) a.m. until nine (9:00)p.m. every day of the year. Please keep in mind that if you are inside of a RSS Facility and/or RSS Storage Space after nine (9:00)p.m., access to the Storage Space will be denied and you will not have access to the Storage Space until you go to a RSS office, during normal business hours.
     D. Pets must be kept inside of the vehicle at all times.
     E. Please leave aisles clear, and do not block another Occupant’s storage door.
     F. All minors must have an adult accompanying them at all times. RSS Facilities are not play areas for children.

4. Storage Restrictions:
The Storage Space may be used for  DEAD STORAGE ONLY. Dead storage is defined as putting your items in or taking your items out, any other activity would NOT be defined as dead storage. Any use other than for DEAD STORAGE will be cause for termination, per Paragraph 29 of Occupant’s Rental Agreement. You are not allowed to perform work of any kind: building, fixing, selling, sorting, and/or organizing is not permitted inside of the Storage Space or on RSS properties.
B.  Do not loiter in or around the Storage Space of the RSS Properties. This includes, but is not limited to: taking phone calls, eating lunch, sitting in your vehicle, waiting for a friend etc. Conduct your personal business outside of RSS properties. You cannot sleep, change your clothes, or take care of your hygiene at the Storage Space or on any RSS properties. If you need a secondary or primary residence, please contact a county or state office for assistance.
C. No band practice or musical instrument playing is permitted on RSS properties. We do like our local musicians, but please don’t attempt to play your instrument on RSS properties.
D. Food items of any kind may not be stored. They attract rodents and insects. You are responsible for protecting your property from rodents and insects. Keep pests out. Don’t store any dry foods. Although many people think pet food, pasta or rice won’t attract pests, they will. Plastic containers will not keep pests out. The only kind of foods safe to store are canned goods. RSS uses preventative pest control measures, but you can help by not attracting the pests into the Storage Space. Anything soiled can attract pests. Don’t store dirty clothes, soiled camping gear, etc.
E. Storage of toxic, explosive, hazardous, or illegal substance/materials, including but not limited to paints, flammable liquids and industrial and/or medical waste products, at a Self Storage Facility is a Federal offense punishable by a minimum fine of $100,000.00 and/or 3 years in a Federal penitentiary. I hereby warrant and represent that I will not place any toxic, explosive, hazardous, or illegal substance/materials in any RSS facility and/or Storage Space. I understand that I bear sole responsibility for the contents of the Storage Space. I agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the owners of RSS from all claims, demands, actions or causes of action (including attorney’s fees and all costs whatsoever) that are hereafter made or brought about as a result of, or arising out of my use of the Storage Space and the premises of RSS. No growing, drying, or storing marijuana is permitted on any RSS properties, nor does a 215 card allow you to store medicinal marijuana. RSS strictly adheres to County, State, and Federal laws regarding all illegal activity and substances. RSS facilities are used by law enforcement agencies as training areas for their drug-sniffing dogs.
F. Do not store any stolen items. RSS cooperates with any authorities when necessary.
G. Do not store any pets, or anything considered to be alive or to have ever been alive, at any time.
H. Any item that should be registered with the DMV (i.e. vessel, vehicle, motorcycle, quad, jet ski, etc.) can only be stored if the correct documents are produced and on file with RSS.
I. Any item that has been exposed to smoke is not allowed to be stored at RSS as the smell of smoke could permeate into other Storage Spaces and affect the contents stored by other Occupants.

5. Fire Prevention:
A.  Leave space around your light bulb. DO NOT OVERSTACK your goods, as things may fall against the light bulb which could result in a fire.
B. Turn your light off using the attached pull string. Do not depend on the hallway timer to turn your light off, as your light will come on whenever another Occupant uses the hallway timer.
C. Using electric screw-in-sockets and/or extension cords is not allowed. Do not use foreign objects in the hallway light timers to keep them from doing their job. Either of the above will be cause for termination per Paragraph 29 of Occupant’s Rental Agreement.

6. Vacating Procedures:
A. Occupant’s padlock must be removed upon vacating. The Storage Space must be completely empty. Failure to remove the padlock and all items will result in rent and late fees continuing to accrue on your account.
B. No dumping. We do not have trash bins and we will not haul your items to the dump. If you plan on vacating and you leave items in or around your Storage Space or on/near our properties, RSS will move these items back into your Storage Space and continue to charge you rent.
C. Any unused rent, not including the first month rent, along with your cleaning/damage deposit, minus any charges, will be mailed to you within 10 business days to your most current address RSS has on file for you.
D.  Any unpaid balances on your account will be turned over to a collection agency.

If you have any other specific questions about storage, please ask one of our managers. They are well trained and can assist you with tough questions. Contact us now for answers!

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