Existing customers can login to the kiosk at any office location. Log in with your space number and last name.  You can pay cash, check or credit card into the convenient kiosk at any time of day.
Please note that your space number will have a letter in front of it. For example, the letter A for Arcata, an M for Mckinleyville and a P for Eureka. Indianola units will have a P and a zero, such as P0123.
Please remember if you put more cash in the kiosk than is owed, the kiosk will not give you change.  It will apply it to your account so your next payment would be less.
New customers can view available spaces at all locations. Rent directly from the kiosk for immediate access during the gate hours of 7AM to 9PM daily. Stop into the office at a later date to set a permanent code and verify identification.
You must come into a Rainbow office to rent a space with a special feature as the Kiosk does not list the special spaces.